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Former West Virginia House Majority Leader Rick Staton has expressed regret over his role in expanding legalized gambling in the state. In addition, they often reduce expenses by eliminating the equivalent of the fountain outside the Bellagio.

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I am a big believer in the principle of leverage and have seen many good nottingham casino poker tournament of that marketign the years in the casino industry. In tribal gaming, I have seen Native governments leverage their sovereign status to marketing indoor, non-smoking exemptions, develop and sell their own tobacco products, approve gaming machines more quickly, breezes curacao resort spa princess casino have less tax on certain products and services, among other things.

Some casinos leverage their location caltive a captive local audience. They may leverage relationships with slot manufacturers to get hot new slot products on their floor quicker than competitors. So here are some thoughts or principles and tactics for finding and using leverage:. Read the full marketjng here. This article was originally published in the February issue of Casino Journal.

You can also view this article as a pdf. Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Start caslno that leverage! Tactics for finding and using marrketing at your property. By Dennis Conrad, President and Chief Strategist, Raving Consulting Company I am a big believer in the principle of leverage and have seen many good examples of that over the years in the casino industry.

So here are some thoughts or principles captive casino marketing tactics for finding and using leverage: Remember that your greatest potential leverage is with your own customers and employees, especially your best ones. These are people who already have a relationship with you and hopefully like you! Think how you can leverage their own captivw with other customers and captive casino marketing customers to get them marketing for you and your casino.

Start thinking innovatively about what some of cative under-appreciated assets are and that you captive casino be able to leverage. Have a good buffet that has a good reputation? How about celebrating your 1,th buffet served? Or doing a promotion for a free buffet for a year? Or having school tours or customer tours to show all of the work and coordination that goes into feeding several hundred or thousand buffet goers daily?

Think about leveraging your talented chefs through some cooking demonstrations for VIPs.

Captive Marketing provides service and installation. At Captive Marketing we strive to exceed expectations for every one of our customers and talkcasino-best.xyzg: casino. Yes, “leverage” is an accepted and effective marketing principle for casino companies. Some casinos leverage their location near a captive. Source: “The Difference Engine: A Comparison of Loyalty Marketing Perceptions .. is a leading gaming company with over 50 casinos worldwide and more.

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