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Tragedy and grief casino glassford terrible companions, but tragedy happens, and the subsequent grief must be felt and worked through. So today I will try to address a little of what I have learned about tragedy and grief. The first thing is that somehow we have to accept the fact that tragedy happens or that it happened, and that it happened to us.

This casino glassford extremely difficult because it stands right in the way of our overwhelming desire to feel like we casino glassford control. The loss is real, and we have to acknowledge and feel the loss. Sometimes it can be helpful to look deeply at exactly what it is we have lost, what were the things that were precious to us, what hopes or dreams or desires or associations can no longer be part of our lives because of the loss. We simply have to calendario poker casino santander ourselves look at the dark hole and walk through it.

We have to allow ourselves to feel the grief. I was trying to explain grief to someone the other day. I told them it is like sadness, but not exactly. With sadness you can usually have a good cry, feel relief, and move on. Not so with grief. I told them it was not like anger or fear. With anger or fear you can rage around or go hide for awhile and usually feel better.

Trying to describe grief, I finally told them casino glassford grief is a deep in your gut wrenching awful feeling that comes over you—often uninvited—and which makes it impossible to function for a time. I do believe when this happens we need to just sit still with it and feel it. Feeling it is sort of like getting puss out of a wound. You have to get it out in order for it to heal, and you have to feel the grief in order to get it out and get to the other side of it and heal. In this process, it is important to remember that it takes as long as it takes.

You have to wait for the healing process to work its miracles. Likewise, when tragedy and grief hit, we need to give ourselves time to work through the process of grieving and healing. In this process, supportive friends and personal faith can help a great deal. There is the temptation to shut out the whole thing along with the people who want to be there for us, but the reality casino riveria that if we do this, it never heals, and it will affect everything else we may be trying to do mammoth casino our lives.

So as difficult as it may be, it is extremely important to let our friends and loved ones into the dark hole with us and let them hold us as we work our way through. There is light and hope at the other end. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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