Effexor and gambling addiction

Look at how much you've already spent, and the debt you're racking up. Losing his life savings made Tim Hillier review his adidction and his medication. I am not on any other meds except some vitamin pills.

Effexor and gambling addiction marshall casino

I have been taking effexor My anxiety and stress have subsided and i feel calm. I am very concerned with my recent gambling habits and asked my doctor if it was a side effect of the medication. She told me i am just making poor decisions and it is not due to the meds.

I took her word for it and said to myself that it is a decision and decided cears casino would no longer gamble. But I'm scared because i keep doing it. My entire paycheck and now using my line of credit! This has been going on for 3 Weeks.

In the past i would view a visit to the casino as pure entertainment and might go once or twice a year. I never spent more than 50 or 60 at a time. But recently i have been leaving work on my lunch break and blowing through or more a day. This has to stop! I've never had a problem with gambling before. I know i can't afford this and it's going to ruin me, my rational mind says stop, but it keeps happening and i can't get a handle on it.

Well, sure the medication could be making you FEEL more impulsive, but you're still in control of your decisions and compulsions. Have you ever been diagnosed with manic-depression, or Bi-polar disorder? If not, it sounds as though perhaps the Effexor may be making you a little manic. Do you feel very "up"? The sad thing here is that the medication IS working to decrease the initial symptoms you started taking it for.

Even if the Effexor IS contributing to this impulsive behavior, I don't think the answer is to stop taking it. You still have to address the behabior anyway at this point. You need to address the gambling, like yesterday. Gambling is an addiction like any other, and must be handled as such.

It's usually progressive in nature, with people starting out slowly, gradually going more and more You're making decisions that are affecting you negatively. Since you don't seem to be able to control yourself in that regard, I would recommend seeking help for it.

This is a good place to start: A gambling addiction can ruin lives, and FAST. Look at how much you've already spent, and the debt you're racking up. You are blowing through this gambling problem, and getting worse in lightning speed. If you're married, or there is a close family member you can confide in It's the only way to minimize the damage at this point.

I can tell you factually, that you will never "get rich" or hit it big at a casino. You are just throwing your money away. I hope you gambling amendment bill some help, and soon. Don't mess with this for another minute, this has become a dire situation for you.

Best of luck, please update us! Check out the discussion on how terrible the withdrawal symptoms are gambling addiction Effexor. That may sway you to try something else anyway-there are other options. Personally I'd avoid Effexor after withdrawal myself. Some doctors even psychiatrists are not that knowledgable about these very powerful drugs.

Antidepressants should not always be used in cases of people who may have some form of bipolar disorder. Many people are not diagnosed properly for 10 years! There are terms now being used called 'Bipolar Spectrum' and 'Soft Bipolar. A person could be 'just a little' bipolar and not know it until an experience like yours. Also-a person can be genetically casino slot machine winning to bipolar but not have signs of it until under stress etc.

Some people become bipolar before age 25; some not until much later in life. Bipolar is a very complicated disease that looks WAY different in different people. Your doctor may not be, no disrespect intended. I was diagnosed with major depression and effexor and gambling addiction have Attention Deficit Disorder.

I use ritalin when I need to focus and complete difficult jobs for me-like doing paperwork. I did all kinds of things I wouldn't normally do including spending large amounts of money on impulse. You could get another doctors opinion ask around or check reviews of psychiatrist out on websites where they are rated in your city; or just ask to go off now and try something different or no antidepressant at all.

Drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs obviously affect our brain chemistry or there would be no purpose to them. Antidepressants affect different people in different ways. ANY drug can alter our thinking process. Maybe you are inclined to gambling anyway and this is just pushing you more into that choice. That isn't taking your responsibility away from you. It's just saying "How much of it is my addiction and how much of this new additional urge could be contributed to the wrong drug for me?

You may not believe this. Our counselor even said this was a 'miracle' gambling addiction sorts. My ex-boyfriend was bi-polar. When I first met him, he was into shoplifting and lying about it which I didn't know. Yes-gambling when he got a chance to and had a meth and alcohol addiction in the past. His shoplifting was the most worrisome thing to him, but taxes on sports gambling went to doctors at my urging to stabilize his moods.

He was put on and this would be different for everyone the antidepressant Cymbalta because he also had diabetic pain and it helps depression and pain and anxiety. We went through 2 years of other medication changes and he is still not free of depression. He is ok with mania unless he starts drinking, doing cocaine, excess stimulants and so forth.

But he did not have the URGE or even desire to shoplift anymore. He had also had a severe brain injury as a teen. So who knows what part of his effexor and contributed to that particular urge-although up until then he'd done it most of his life. But, with the right medications for him, it was like that gambling addiction was 'de-activated. He had to stay accountable to me or someone. He didn't have the urge enough to go to a step group, but buffalos bills hotel casino primm nevada did for alcohol and drugs.

That can be a good form of accountability. As well as therapy! I hope this encourages you to take no chances!! As you know already-it can ruin your life in ways that may never recover. You are worth it. I agree with nursegirl. The Effexor may have made you feel better so that now gambling is appealing to you, but Effexor is not the total reason for it.

There are no side effects listed for Effexor which include mania or anything like that. But withdrawal symptoms to Effexor do include hypomania, emotional lability, anxiety, confusion, etc. But that's only if you go off of it too quickly. Several of my friends and I have gone off of Effexor with no problems, but we went off very gradually.

Most of the people having severe problems from going off of Effexor are e. Or decreasing it 25 mg every few days. So consult your doctor first before going off of it. You may need an entirely different medication.

Nursegirl brings up some very good points about the gambling itself. Gambling is a problem for many people, on medications or not. Gambling addiction don't let your life get ruined. This is all nonsense!!! There are other anti-depressants out there. I've been down this road with this ruinous drug all the way to bankruptcy!

I have a BS in Psychology. I've worked in mental health for 15 yrs. Addicts, Criminals, Predators, Damaged for life children. I'm not certain what nursing girls background is.

I have been taking effexor for 6 weeks now,and besides the Gambling is an addiction like any other, and must be handled as such. But Paul too began to suffer crippling gambling addiction. . In the case of the man on Effexor for 3 years, what about follow ups with the. DSM-IV define ICD such as pathological gambling, treated with venlafaxine, a serotonin and norepi- and these purchases were a serious problem for her.

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